Adriel Visoto, Quase espera, 2021.
2021.    Adriel Visoto
Exposição “Anti-Narcissus”

Texto crítico para a exposição  da VERVE na Bienvenue Art Fair 2021, no Hotel La Louisiane, em Paris


The bed is a stage, and the floor is a home. The notions of private
and intimate are already inside out, with a melancholic and fleshy vulnerability. Surrounded by a dense air of historical affects, on a place of pure intimacy as a hotel room, Adriel Visoto’s paintings are the paradoxical composure of a window made of broken mirror: trying to look at the world, through small canvases, you’re forced to see your splintered self.
    You can see Paris through this fortress inn. These walls aren’t made of bricks of clay and stones, but of memories and pure history. The windows, henceforth, are dense mirrors, making you look at yourself when you expected a city-silhouette view. This mirror, however, is broken and the image of the self is shattered. In the work of Visoto, everyday stories are the main theme of a painting, presenting us with unconscious fragments, sharp and dangerous memories of ourselves.

Texto originalmente publicado na exposição “Anti-Narcissus” da VERVE, na Bienvenue Art Fair 2021, em Paris, de 16 a 19 de dezembro de 2021

Adriel Visoto, Check in, 2021.

Adriel Visoto, Room service, 2021.

Adriel Visoto, Check out, 2021.

Adriel Visoto, Jardim das daninhas, 2021.

Adriel Visoto, Ground Floor, 2021.

Adriel Visoto, Vaga, 2021.

Adriel Visoto, Mala noche, 2021.

Adriel Visoto, Dark smoke, 2021.

Adriel Visoto, Achados e perdidos, 2021.

Anti-Narcissus, de Adriel Visoto (VERVE), na Bienvenue Art Fair 2021.

Anti-Narcissus, de Adriel Visoto (VERVE), na Bienvenue Art Fair 2021.