1997.    Mateus Carvalho Nunes

Curator, writer and postdoctoral researcher. Based in São Paulo, born and raised in Belém, in the Brazilian Amazon.

Works with cultural and artistic hybridisms of art, focusing on the reverberations of the colonial period on contemporaneity. In the intersections of text and image, is interested in non-hegemonic systems of organizing, perceiving and understanding time and history. Creates and develops projects intertwining art criticism, curatorship and research.

PhD in Art History from the Universidade de Lisboa. Graduated in Architecture at Universidade Federal do Pará [UFPA], in Belém.

Postdoctoral researcher in History of Art and Architecture at Universidade de São Paulo [USP], and in Amazonian Studies at the Getty Foundation.

Writings published on Artforum, ArtReview, Frieze, Flash Art, Terremoto, seLecT, and ZUM, besides scholar journals.

Guess professor at Museu de Arte de São Paulo [MASP] and guess lecturer at Universidade de São Paulo. 


[Portrait by Luiz Braga, 2021]